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It’s time to get the comfort and relaxation you deserve. Let Country View Furniture custom build your new furniture to fit your style and preference – with quality craftsmanship and construction that’s hard to find these days. Use our Dealer Locator below to find a Country View Furniture retailer near you!

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      Daviess Community Hospital recently purchased four recliners from Country View Furniture for the Transitions Behavioral Health Unit. The recliners were made extremely well. The frame was made of solid wood. Viola was extremely kind and gave me a tour of where they made the furniture and how well they made the furniture. The company was extremely easy to work with throughout the process. They were even able to modify it slightly due to some restrictions we have in the behavioral health unit. The service was extremely fast and the quality was top notch. The patients and staff could not believe how comfortable the recliners were. The recliners are built very well and Viola worked with us throughout the process.

      Amy Alexander

      PlannerProgram Director, Daviess Community Hospital

      Thank you again for creating the perfect recliner for me. It is wonderful to have a piece of furniture made to my height, width, and depth dimensions. It proudly sits in our family room as my personal throne and it’s such a delight to be able to sit on a chair that I don’t have to fall into or struggle to get back on my feet. For the last fifteen years, we have periodically shopped for new furniture without success. The manufacturers only built to average specifications and disregard that fact that there are so many tall people on this earth. They also disregard the growing numbers of senior citizens who have trouble getting up off all the low furniture…I’m sure that I will get many years of comfort from this perfect recliner you created in your shop. Thank you.

      Roger Selmeyer